Major Activities

Advancement of Education:

To offer opportunity to the disadvantaged to have a life-long education Through

  1. Improve educational opportunities for children especially orphans, handicapped, girls and women
  2. Promoting the use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) for socio-economic development of communities.
  3. Enhancing Quality of Education by supporting initiatives that will address high illiteracy within schools, improve the quality of schools in rural communities , provide Infrastructural assistance: chairs, desks, toilets, etc, learning materials and training to teachers.
  4. Offer of scholarships based on either need and or merit to youths for higher education [transition to post-secondary education within Nigeria]

Poverty alleviation:

We live in a society in which there are still great inequalities and many people do not have basic resources. Augustine Guse Foundation therefore , will promote diverse initiatives in different areas to foster the social inclusion of the most disadvantaged sectors so that the people in them may have a better life. We are committed to helping children in situations of social exclusion and to help improve the social and economic situation of families through...

  1. Sustainable Agricultural development programs
  2. Provision of clean drinking water

Youth empowerment:

Through Skill development and livelihood programs

Advancement of primary health care:

To make the benefits of basic and possibly advanced health care available to those who need them, through

  1. Enhanced Community Health Care: by providing free medical services to rural communities which lack adequate medical facilities;
  2. Spreading awareness about STDs and HIV/AIDS and work for the welfare of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs).
  3. Partnership with community health centres and referral hospitals

The Foundation will also support the strengthening of health centres in rural communities by working with NGOs to do the following:

  1. Train hospital personnel in the provision of quality care;
  2. Donate medical equipment and provide technical support;

Undertake micro-credit programs: 

To form self help groups and cooperatives and run income generation activities by linking them with banks through micro-credit, Organize women into self help groups , Conduct skill development programs for women and Initiated microfinance programs for women.

Giving hope to the needy:

Orphans, Widows and vulnerable children through , scholarship and educational stipends

Environment Protection Programs